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Our Mission

Recovery Communities of North Carolina (RCNC) is a nonprofit organization and our mission is to promote addiction recovery, wellness and citizenship through advocacy, education and support.

COVID-19 Update: We are currently supporting individuals at our Recovery Community Center by appointment only.  We have a COVID-19 prevention station set up in the office with iPads and phones. We are also providing a variety of recovery support services virtually and via telephone. Contact us at (919) 231-0248 or if you are in need of support. We are here for you! You can also check out our online calendar here for dates and times on upcoming virtual events. 

RCNC is a partner of the The People’s Opioid Summit – A forum of the people, by the people, and for the people living with substance use disorder, their loved ones, and professionals who want to help.

The People’s Opioid Summit October 5th, 6th, and 7th:

  • Brings together innovative providers and those in need
  • Is a judgement-free zone full of personal stories, information, resources, and people who can help
  • Is YOUR place for love, comfort, answers, and more

The People’s Opioid Summit strives to truly be a people’s summit, designed to get information and solutions into the hands of everyday citizens. Please join us in this mission by donating today. With knowledge and compassion we can work together to save lives. | 919-362-7133 |

  • People Helped via Recovery Support & Services
    People Helped via Recovery Support & Services


  • Volunteer Hours to Empower Community
    Volunteer Hours to Empower Community


  • Dollars Raised to Support Recovery
    Dollars Raised to Support Recovery


  • Statewide Trainings & Educational Offerings
    Statewide Trainings & Educational Offerings


While normally “back to school” is reserved for children, it turns out that this time of year is important for every age. That’s because you’re never too old to continue learning, and it can help you live up to your true potential in everyday life.

Just because it’s the middle of the year doesn’t mean it’s too late to set and achieve big things yet this year. While reevaluating your existing goals, throw in some hard-to-reach newer goals and set your sights high.

This workshop is important because life happens to everyone. Resilience in recovery and our ability to meet life with an abiding sense of hope, confidence, inner happiness, love and peace, is available to us all, even if adversity makes hope seem impossible. Learning how to access, trust in, and build our inner resilience and life of sustainable recovery will help us meet life with a greater sense of hope and possibility. The key is knowing how to turn passing experiences into lasting inner resources built into your brain.