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Recovery Capital Series

Finding Your Song & Singing It

Creating Work You Love, and Making a Difference, Too!

Is the average person in recovery able to articulate and define their own recovery capital? Surprisingly, many are not aware of their inner gifts and skills which are waiting to be tapped.

In its essence, “Recovery Capital” is the breadth and depth of internal and external resources that can be drawn upon to initiate and sustain recovery from severe alcohol and other drug (substance use disorder) problems (Granfield & Cloud, 1999; Cloud & Granfield, 2004).

As a person in recovery, you don’t have to feel trapped because you are unhappy in your job, unemployed or under employed. It is in fact possible to envision the type of work that brings you joy, that you've always dreamt of doing and then follow some practical steps that will help that work become a reality, despite your past challenges.

Whether you desire to create a side business, or dive full time into your dream job created by you, you don't want to miss this experiential four (4) week series. One session is built on the next and you will walk away with powerful information and strategies that will move you to the next level, beyond imagination or hope and right into your new reality...doing the work you desire.

This four week series is specifically designed for those in recovery who are looking to identify or validate their strengths in pursuit of a fulfilling and rewarding life which includes the goal of financial self-sufficiency through entrepreneurship. For those in recovery who have a dream, a purpose, a mission or a passion, and would like to learn how to generate income while fulfilling their vision, this workshop is for you. The world needs new ideas and solutions, now more than ever. This class is designed to empower you to help create them.

What's in YOUR heart?

The Goals and Objectives we Will Explore:

  • Learning how to set & accomplish goals for business start-up by focusing on what works for you instead of what isn't working!
  • Build better attitudes & beliefs that can affect your success!
  • Learn the 3 simplest ways to start a business, and how you can get started TODAY!
  • Discovering your “inner genius” - what are the unique gifts you have to share with the world?
  • Finding a path that allows you to “live from your heart”, making a living and making a difference, despite obstacles and difficulties you may have encountered caused by your time in active addiction.
  • How to create “group activity” that allows participants to engage in sales, marketing and making revenue in a “hands-on” environment!

Your RCNC Facilitator:

Sheyenne Kreamer, is an RCNC supporter, recovery ally, advocate, sharp business woman, speaker, author, trainer, business coach and entrepreneur. Sheyenne has a passion for people including those in recovery who have experienced obstacles in realizing their dreams, become stuck in the "unemployment or unhappy at work trap". As a result of 20 years of working with people facing unemployment, or who simply weren't happy in their current positions (whatever they were), she has a strong desire to help more people create "social enterprises".

From her experiences, she authored a book called "Building the New Underground Railroad: The PLAY Book", where she shares stories of "unlikely entrepreneurs" who shatter many of the myths that "only certain people can become entrepreneurs".

Singing Your Song Rate Guide:

  • Full Scholarships: Those in recovery, no charge
  • Partial Scholarships to Non-profits: Cost per employee -
  • $60.00 for the full 4 sessions.
  • Discount for Community Members: $25.00 per session (100.00 for 4 sessions)

For more information, email us at

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