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Testimonials from Our Community Partners

"Drug Free Moore County is a small but mighty Drug Free Coalition that has a long history of providing information on prevention, treatment and recovery of substance use to families in Moore County NC.We were organized originally as a task force by the Moore County Commissioners to study and take action toward the drug issues in 1989 in Moore County. Our funding has had its ups and downs from local LME funding, County support, grants and private funding.

Through the years the mission has been the same, but the approach changed as substance use issues evolved. For the past few years DFMC focus has been on recovery and stopping the stigma of substance use.Several years ago, DFMC saw the need for establishing a Community Recovery Center that would serve those who are need of Peer Support, job preparedness, creative discovery in recovery and a larger office space for DFMC,  RCNC has been instrumental in helping DFMC focus on how we can achieve the goal of a community recovery center as well as continuing to be a vital player in recovery efforts.

A fundraising session conducted by Dr. Linger inspired DFMC to focus on the best ways to gain financial support from the community. DFMC was able to develop an elevator speech that will be shared with all DFMC board members and supporters to help get the word out on our mission.  An already established RUN FOR RECOVERY fundraising event will now be enhanced with a pre party that will honor sponsors, runners, walkers and those in recovery. Thus, helping to raise more funds, and to raise awareness for recovery.

During a current Listening Session conducted by Dr. Linger, DFMC board members and community persons were able to look at who we are, where we are going and establishing a work plan to help DFMC to be better prepared for community and statewide funding. In preparation for this session, historical information was discovered that helped in motivating our DFMC board to become more involved in the funding process.Also during the Listening Session, it was decided to establish a Facebook Capital Campaign in an effort to purchase a building in Carthage, which is the county seat. This building would be ideal for a Community Recovery Center. It is located on the Courthouse Square, where it will loud and proud for recovery!

Last year DFMC contracted as a partner with Sandhills Opioid Response Consortium through a HRSA grant, to establish a Peer Support program in Moore and Richmond County. Currently 7 Peer Support Specialist have been placed. All Peer Support specialists were trained and certified through UNC School of Social Work through the HRSA grant.

We are excited about enhancing the Peer Support efforts by providing the Recovery Coach training. This will help the Peer Support Specialist to not only keep their own recovery strong but to build skills to continue to help others. DFMC’s partnership with RCNC has been a life line to a local coalition struggling to provide much needed recovery support. RCNC has relit a fire that DFMC had almost let go out by helping DFMC with its vison for growth.Thank You RCNC!" -Karen M. Wicker, Executive Director of Drug Free Moore County

“It has been my fortunate experience to have benefited from many of the trainings, seminars and classes offered by RCNC. Dr. Rita Anita Linger, Executive Director and the other professionals on staff are all dedicated, motivated, hard-working and caring individuals. They all have a strong desire and sense of duty to increase Recovery education and services in North Carolina. The primary focus of RCNC is of course to promote stigma reduction and provide exemplary educational opportunities, participant support and technical assistance for all who enter into the center and those who call them for help including recovery organizations and families. As a pharmacist, I have been able to take advantage of many of the courses offered by RCNC including the Recovery Coach Academy for Adults as well as the training to become a Certified Peer Support Specialist in North Carolina. It is because of Dr. Rita Anita Linger and her staff that I have been able to obtain these tools, skills and educational qualifications that I can use as an informed and knowledgeable pharmacist to promote Recovery in North Carolina. We all have a duty and obligation to assist with the Recovery of those who suffer from substance use disorder and to help those who love those who suffer. Thank you Dr. Linger and Staff for all you do for Recovery in our state and beyond. Thank you for caring and for providing a pathway for Hope.”- Catherine Chitty Pike, BS Pharm, ACJ Technology, Master’s Certificate in Mental Health & Wellness, CPSS, RLM Board

"The help that we receive from RCNC is paramount in the function and quality of services that Reviving Lives Ministries (RLM) offers the community. RCNC supports us in critical areas such as training, technical assistance, strategic planning, fundraising training, and listening sessions. Our agency has become and continues to grow stronger with the groundwork, guidance and kinship we have with the RCNC. We are fortunate and grateful for the step by step assistance, open communication, diverse training options, and forward-thinking development planning. RCNC truly allows us to help those who are suffering from Substance Use Disorder and their families." - Reviving Lives Ministries

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