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Dear Family Member Workshop

A Message of Hope and Resilience from a Dad with Lived Experience who is a Survivor of the Loss of Children and Other Family Members to Addiction

Being a family member of someone with a substance use disorder (SUD) can be a lonely, confusing, and incredibly painful experience. The disease of addiction can impact everyone surrounding the person with the SUD. Friends and family are known to often change their behaviors as a result of their loved one’s SUD; becoming increasingly frustrated, perhaps denying the seriousness of the addiction, distancing themselves or becoming enablers.

A focus on a path toward long-term personal and family recovery is vital for family members as they are often deeply involved in the struggle of their family

member’s addiction. Developing strategies that can help them deal with the guilt, anxiety, fear, hopelessness and even loss can build their self-care muscle and equip them to manage their own lives and well- being in a way that will allow them to support their loved one with balance and strength. Don’t miss this important participatory exchange. This workshop is not just about supporting the individual overcoming the addiction, but about creating a healthy environment for everyone affected by the disease.

This session is free to all attendees.

RCNC Workshop Facilitator:

Karl Linger is a person with decades of lived experience and an RCNC supporter. He understands well the impact of addiction on immediate and extended family members. He is also a father who has experienced the pain and loss of two children and is an uncle who has lost two nephews to their addiction.

Karl understands well the stress and difficulty many family members experience when someone they love is in the throes of addiction. He deems as vitally important, the necessity to facilitate change and transformation in how we perceive our role in supporting and helping our loved ones as well as ourselves.

Karl is an activist in the recovery movement and assisted in starting the first meditation recovery group in Chapel Hill, NC over 8 years ago. He spends a significant amount of time supporting those who seek recovery and those who want to maintain their recovery, their families and allies.

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