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RCNC’s Recovery Community Center (RCC) is a place free from stigma which offers peer recovery support to North Carolina’s Recovery Community.  At our RCC,  recovery support falls within four categories: emotional, informational, instrumental, and affiliational. This means we have space to provide everything from recovery coaching to peer support groups to job readiness training & education to help accessing social services & transportation to ping pong tournaments & cookouts. These recovery supports are community driven and community run. We can’t do this without you!

Below is a list of available volunteer positions: 

Research Assistant: Working under the direction of the Executive Director (ED), this position will serve as support to locate and disseminate research on specific topics relating to SUDs, Recovery, Health and Wellness and other relevant topics including DEI and other ancillary and connected topics.

ED Administrative Assistant: Working under the direction of the ED this position will support a variety of administrative outcomes.  Duties will include, filing, responding to general phone calls and messages, support with calendar scheduling.

Outreach and Advocacy Specialist: Under the direction of the ED and the Manager of Community Relations, this position will support RCNC Outreach and Advocacy efforts, by providing outreach to community organizations, faith communities, community groups and others.  This volunteer position would require speaking, presentation and sales skills.

Training and Speakers Bureau Facilitators: Under the direction of the ED and the Manager of Community Relations, this position will provide training as needed in either a co-facilitation model or on an individual level.  Participate in RCNCs Speaker’s Bureau, traveling across the state to speak to organizations and groups about the importance of sustained recovery, their personal recovery stories, how RCNC can help (program and services provided) and other relevant information.  Statewide travel will be compensated via the state mileage reimbursement rate.

Mini Grant Writing Assistant:  Under the direction of the ED, this position will support the E.D. director in writing mini grants in support of the operational and programmatic goals of the organization.  The MGWA will work closely with the ED to determine need.

Library Assistant: Under the direction of the Manager of Community Relations and the ED, RCNCs Library Assistant will be responsible for organizing and cataloguing books and audio/visual materials within RCNCs library.  This position will also be required to write a “book or audio/visual of the month” review/vignette on a particular book or piece of material within the library for our monthly newsletter.  Additionally, this position is responsible for recruiting community donations to the library.

Office Support: Under the direction of the Manager of Community Relations and the Administrative Assistant, this position will pick up the slack in times of need with phone support, filing, ordering, mailing, conducting inventory, etc. as needed.

To apply, fill out the form below.  Thank you for your interest and support!

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