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Living a positive lifestyle has more benefits than just “feeling better.” Focusing on positive thoughts can actually impact your overall health.

Under the direct supervision of and in collaboration with the Executive Director, the Manager of Advocacy and Education manages and coordinates internal and external statewide training, advocacy, outreach, and educational programs to promote the mission of RCNC. The Manager will help build awareness across communities and all its segments to the issues related to substance use disorders, recovery and peer supports, ensuring the voices of those impacted by substance use disorders are heard.

When it comes to saving our planet, small steps make a big impact. Every person can make an effort toward reducing their carbon footprint and living a more altruistic lifestyle for the world.

Take the time to find out how those around you like to receive gratitude, appreciation and love. You’ll find that meeting them with the love language they most appreciate will help strengthen your relationships.

Journaling can not only improve your personal life, but it can also improve your altruistic focus. As it turns out, regular writing in a journal has a lot of surprising mental and emotional health benefits.

This September, remember to focus on you and your personal growth. Even small steps can add up to huge results over time. It all starts now!

Positivity is something you may not always possess, but there are ways to bring it into your life. Surround yourself with positive people, and remind yourself of the positive things in your life and the positive qualities you have.

Recovery Communities of North Carolina (RCNC), in collaboration with the North Carolina Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse Services (DMHDDSAS), is posting an invitation to apply for funding for two Recovery Community Centers intended to serve individuals, families, and communities impacted by substance use disorders, opioid use disorders, and alcohol co-occurring conditions. Click the button to download the full application.

Join us for a *sparkling* and fun-filled fundraiser for our nonprofit organization on September 10th between 6-8pm. All jewelry items will be on sale for $6-7. The jewelry is beautiful, stylish and creative. Bring a friend!

Taking the first step to volunteer or get involved with an organization is hard, but these steps can help you dive in!

Join us each week for Breakfast, Recovery and Fellowship! Every Tuesday from 10 - 11 am. 824 N. Location: Bloodworth St. Raleigh, NC 27604

Join us for Peer Support Supervision on the last Wednesday of each month at 1pm. Speakers, Topics, Support!

Join us for a Recovery Corner every Wednesday at 11 am. You never need to be alone in the corner! Join us weekly for recovery support and share your recovery. Meetings take place at RCNC.

Back-to-school time can be a learning experience for everybody, even if you don’t have school aged children. It’s a time to remember that no matter where you are in life, you can continue to learn!

Water sustains life. Therefore, it’s vitally important to all of us. This August, celebrate National Water Quality Month by being aware of your water habits and taking steps to ensure clean water for everyone. When we have clean water, we can lead satisfying lives.

Join RCNC for our 10th Annual Capital Area Rally for Recovery on Sept 24th. The event is from 11 AM to 2 PM and will include free t-shirts to the first 200 people. We will have music, speakers, raffle prizes, selfie station, resources and more. Hope to see you there!

Family Fun Month is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the end of the summer before your children head back to school. Take advantage of these creative and altruistic ideas in order to have the best Family Fun Month possible this August.

Join RCNC and the Governor’s Institute and push back against the stigma that often prevents people from getting help. Many of us have connections with addiction – whether struggling with it ourselves or watching family or friends go through it. Watch this short video to learn how to help – or get help.

Take advantage of the simple ways to find total wellness during August to celebrate National Wellness Month.

Take some time this week to think of a way that you can make a difference in the lives of others and go do it!

Whether you choose to volunteer your time, get involved in the community or even commit time to strengthening your relationships, living an altruistic life provides many ways to impact others around you. 

Join us for a fun-filled fundraiser to raise money for RCNC.The jewelry is fun, stylish and creative and each piece is only $6 or $7!

A new CDC study found more than 75 percent of counties don’t have anywhere residents can get methadone, and 30 percent of counties lack a buprenorphine provider. In North Carolina, rural communities with many Black and Indigenous residents often lack access to care.

Social stigma has kept recovery voices silent for decades. Come learn with us the ways to combat stigma and how to define your recovery message.
Free CEUs are available with this class.

Many of us fail to follow through on creating a new habit that truly sticks. However, If you’re looking for a way to build a habit that lasts, there are some tried-and-true steps you can take to succeed!

Don’t wait until it’s too late to focus on your wellness. How you feel trickles into your everyday life, which is why it’s important for you to put your physical and mental health and wellbeing first.

When times are hard, it’s important to move forward and do what you can for others. Above all, open yourself up to listen and try to better understand the situation from your friend or loved one’s perspective.

June is the first official month of summer, which makes it the perfect opportunity to celebrate the great outdoors!

My name is Sara Baart and I most certainly am a recovering addict. I will give you a quick synopsis of what it was like then and now. I’ve been a sneaky person since I became a person. I was always lying and hiding things as a child. Addictively eating candy and other sweets. I had my first alcoholic drink when I was a toddler.

I found myself in a homeless shelter wanting to find a better way to live. Today I live a better life. No more thoughts of suicide. A joy I did not think I would ever find. People friends and family who care about me today. If recovery is possible for me it is definitely possible for you!!!

Memorial Day is an incredibly special time in America’s history. This weekend, do more than barbecue. Take time to truly commemorate the meaning of the holiday and celebrate the servicemen and women who have given everything to this country.

Summer is the perfect time to show your kids that giving back can be fun. Choose an organization that has a shared interest among your family and ask about volunteer opportunities.

All work and no giving back makes for a dull workplace! Talk to your employer about already existing programs such as matching gifts or time off to volunteer.

Use the power you have to make the world a brighter, better place, and you’re sure to also experience some of that kindness. Together, we have the power to change the world!

In order to preserve our beautiful planet, it’s going to take work from everybody. Encourage your family and friends to join you so that we can preserve the place we call home!

At 13 years old I began drinking, and I had found the only thing that made my mind stop and made me feel like that was not a care in the world. I’ve always been a worrier, full of anxiety, but alcohol and Marijuana became my cure. That cure lasted for a while, until it didn’t and l needed something more. By the age of 23, I had nothing and was on the edge of losing my kids and my mind! At this point I knew I had to do something different.

My name is Justin Currin and I’m 44 years old. I’ve been struggling with addiction since the moment I ever put a drink or drug in my body at 13 years old. I come from a good family, and neither my parents nor my sisters are addicts. Using immediately seemed to be the solution to “feeling better” from the moment I smoked weed at 13 all the way up until my last speedball shot of heroin and cocaine while homeless at 42. I just didn’t know another way to get through life and the thought of not having drugs or alcohol be part of it seemed unimaginable.

Now is the perfect time to join a local or national organization as a mentor to help make a difference in the lives of kids around the world. Check out these top reasons you should become a mentor today.

Whether you’re just getting started or a seasoned volunteer advocate, read on for ways that you can celebrate Global Volunteer Month and inspire others to join in to make our world a better place.

This April, celebrate Keep America Beautiful Month by working in your community to get up and clean up. There are lots of ways to beautify our world, and together we can keep it that way for generations to come.

If you want to live a more altruistic lifestyle, start by reprogramming your brain to think more positively. Try out these six tips to focus your thoughts and train your brain to be more positive.

Spring is a time of renewal, and cleaning doesn’t have to simply mean scrubbing the floors! Try these cleaning activities to promote a happy and healthy lifestyle.

Spring break is a time for rest and relaxation, but it has the potential to be so much more. Ask your kids about causes they’re passionate about and try to line those passions up with a local organization.

Women have made massive and inspiring contributions to our communities and the world. Use Women’s History Month as a reminder to celebrate the women in your life who inspire you every day.

In the spirit of “going green” this month, use this holiday  as a reminder to focus on the world around us. Check out these ways you can give the month of March new meaning by going green!

Starting young is a great way to ensure you’re helping to shape givers for years to come, through volunteering and giving back to your community. Whether you’re inspiring your own kids or children in your community, it’s never too early to start inspiring the next generation!

There’s no doubt that times have been hard in the past few years, and we could all use a reminder to focus on our mental health. Check out these tips to help put yourself first for your overall well-being.

How will you spread love during the month of February? Use one of these ideas or come up with your own! You never know how much a small act of kindness will mean to a person. Get out there and spread the love!

February is the month of love, and we’re not just talking about Valentine’s Day. Now is a great time to give back in any capacity for any cause you’re passionate about!

We are one week away from the first Tipping the Pain Scale film screening. At these events, we will present the movie Tipping the Pain Scale, a film that explores the systems that have been ineffective in curbing the opioid epidemic as well as the solutions addiction professionals have started to implement. The movie is from the filmmakers who created The Anonymous People and Generation Found.

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