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Tonya Newcomb Shares Her Recovery Story

My name is Tonya Newcomb. I had my first drunken experience at the age of 12. My first drug experience at the same age. I had alcoholic and addict behaviors long before I ever had my first drink or drug. For a long time, I did not know that I was an alcoholic or addict. I just thought I didn’t know how to drink or use correctly. I would watch my “normal drinker” friends and wonder why they could always walk away. Why couldn’t I? After 3 trips to prison multiple trips to jail. Living on friends' couches, eventually landing into the streets motels, prostitution, and a life of misery. A life of no hope constant thoughts of suicide. I found myself in a homeless shelter wanting to find a better way to live. Today I live a better life. No more thoughts of suicide. A joy I did not think I would ever find. People friends and family who care about me today. If recovery is possible for me it is definitely possible for you!!!

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