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Living, Loving, Leading: A Free, Online 8-Week Workshop for Women in Recovery

Living, Loving, Leading: A Free, Online 8-Week Workshop for Women in Recovery

Are you ready to say 'yes' to yourself and live more abundantly and free?

This transformative free, online 8-week journey is for women in recovery. Each week you will experience and learn about a transformative skill to help you power up each and every day in mind, body, and spirit. Additionally, each week is infused with the joy of movement as we mobilize our emotions and explore Organ Cleansing QiGong, Yoga, and full body expression in dance moves from around the globe, such as Africa, Brazil, The Caribbean. This course will cover the following topics:

The Eight Areas of Self-Care: Self-care is often the most important factor in living a healthy life. Self-care includes all the choices you make on a daily basis that affect your physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Mindful Awareness: Mindfulness is being fully aware and paying attention. Sometimes we go through our lives on autopilot. We are not fully aware or present. We often dwell on the past and plan events in the future.

Community: Your community is more than the places where you live, work and worship. It includes all the people and groups you connect with; who rely on you and upon whom you relay. This mind body and spirit group is a new community for you to belong to!

Join each week via Zoom using the following link and login information:

Meeting ID: 820 2450 5404

Password: 857145

This opportunity is free of charge and provided via a SAMHSA grant: Recovery Community Support Program – Statewide Network (RCSP-SN).

Dr. Carol A. Penn, doubly Board Certified in Family Medicine and Obesity Medicine as well as being a Master movement, meditation, and mindset coach brings more than 40 years of experience and expertise in Mind Body Medicine and the movement sciences. Gifted with the ability to inspire and educate about self care, Dr. Penn brings a unique set of skills to her work as a physician.