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The Rule 62 club is a fellowship of men and women that have one singleness of purpose, the desire to stop using ALL forms of drugs. This is a Drug Addicts Anonymous (DAA) meeting and we follow the 12 steps outlined in The Big book of Alcoholics Anonymous. We found that those steps worked perfectly for people like us, but we strive for a little more freedom of speech. Whether you announce yourself as an alcoholic or addict, our main purpose is to find a solution together. The Rule 62 Club is a meeting created BY people like you… FOR people like you.

The Rule 62 Club is not affiliated with RCNC. This group is community driven and community run.

If you wish to form an alternative peer recovery mutual aid meeting to meet the needs of a diverse recovery community, please contact Terri Conyers at or (919)231-0248 ext. 103.

We may be able to provide space for your group. There are many pathways of recovery and all are cause for celebration.